Milk biscuit is one of the snacks that is no longer strange to the most consumers, and is one of the top choices in light parties, coffee sessions with friends, relatives or customers.

Richy is one of the pioneer manufacturers in the field of confectionery in Vietnam, always at the forefront of research on market needs to produce suitable products to catch up with the consumers’ needs.

We have made every effort to not stop creating biscuit product lines with diverse flavors, satisfying even the most demanding users.

The typical biscuits can be mentioned as milk and coconut which are very popular nowadays.

Milk biscuit is a harmonious combination between the fatty aroma of milk and a bit of saltiness, without causing boredom.

And coconut biscuit are characterized by the gentle sweetness and aroma of coconut which enables users to enjoy the special delicious tastes.

Additionally, the perfect combination with tea, coffee or milk is a very special highlight for biscuits to be usually present in the light parties or tea break in any events, or intimate coffee in family or with friends.

+ Biscuits are also known as effective snacks for children and adults when they need to recharge.

+ With Crispy Texture and natural flavor, delicate and elegant design, Richy milk biscuits is very suitable as a gift for relatives, friends or partners.

+ Produced on modern lines, ensuring food safety and hygiene, Richy Vietnam’s products are a safe and convenient choice for consumers.

+ Not only in Vietnam, Richy’s products has been conquering many international consumers.