Oatmeal cookie has long been known as a nutritious food. It has  many nutrients that are good for health, based on the great benefits that oatmeal brings to human health. Some Vietnam confectionery manufacturers have been investing in research to launch confectionery products from Oatmeal. However, not all confectionery manufacturers in Vietnam are successful with that.

As one of the very few Vietnamese confectionery manufacturers successfully developing oatmeal, Richy Food Vietnam, is so proud of Chocolate milk oatmeal cookie. That has been well received by not only domestic but also oversea consumers. The proof for the success is this product has become the trending product in Korea since 2019 until now with the warm welcome of millions of consumers.

The typical oatmeal cookie lines such as chocolate oatmeal, cheese oatmeal which is used as breakfast meal. They always let users enjoy the sweetness, crunchiness and natural flavor of oatmeal. Not only delicious, Richy Oatmeal Cookie also provide additional nutrients for the body. And extremely good for health such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals… Among them, Oatmeal is the leading product in terms of domestic consumption level. And it is also as one of the main export products of the Oatmeal line from Richy. This is because of the delicate combination between the light aroma and the fatty taste from both chocolate and oatmeal. That creates an extremely delicious Oatmeal cookie.

With a convenient bag design with the cute and compact oatmeal cookie, you can peel off Richy oat cookies to enjoy immediately. It is convenient to be a snack for both children and adults at any time.

Produced on modern lines with quality ingredients, Richy Oatmeal always ensures food safety and hygiene and is an absolute safe choice for consumers.