In Vietnam, Richy is one of the largest confectionery manufacturers and exporters. Currently, we have 3 factories with 140,000 sqm in Hanoi and Tay Ninh to supply products for domestic and international markets.

  • Northeast Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • North America
  • Mid East
  • Oceania
  • Domestic Market

In the domestic market, we achieve success as most of the major supermarket chains in Vietnam distribute our products. And Vietnam National Airlines – Vietnam Airlines has also selected our products as fast meals for customers on their flights. Currently we have a wide chain of distributors throughout Vietnam. In 2020, we are also honored to achieve Vietnam National Brand.

In overseas markets, we have some success in Southeast Asian markets as well. We have also gradually moved to some fastidious markets, such as Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UAE. With our efforts, our products have been distributed in these countries.

But we will not stop there and want to go further with large markets such as Europe, America. We are looking for strong partners to distribute our products in these markets. Instead of looking for many small partners and disrupting the market due to competition among partners, we will support and create the best conditions for our long term partners.

I have a strong hope that we will become the long term partner in the near future.



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