What certifications do our products have?

We have ISO 22000, HACCP, HALAL. For other certifications, if your market requires, we will gladly assist you.

What is the product's shelf life?

– Cookies: 15 months for tin boxes, 12 months for other packages.
– Karo soft waffles: 45 days
– Other products: 12 months

Do we manufacture OEM?

We limit the production of OEM orders so that we can focus on developing our brands. However, if you have a request, please let us know and drop us an email.

Which countries are we exporting to?

Our products are exporting to about 30 countries and region areas, such as China, Southeast Asian countries, Japan, Korea, UAE, Russia, United States,..

Please visit https://richyexport.com/our-markets/ for details.

What payment terms do our company accept?

We accept:
– 100% TTR

– 50% TTR and 50% when we scan the document

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each SKU?

The MOQ is 1x 20DC container for each SKU.

But in your first order, we can mix 2 SKUs into 1x 20DC container or 3 SKUs in 1x 40HC container. One SKU should be above 500 cartons.

Where do we have factories? What products do they produce?

We currently have 3 factories in Vietnam:

– 2 factories in Hanoi (North of Vietnam): manufacture Rice Crackers, Oatmeal and Biscuits (“Merry” brand), Kenju Nougat Cracker.

– 1 factory in Tay Ninh (South of Vietnam): manufacture Cookies, Biscuit Stick, Waffles, Chocolate Pie, Soft Cake, Coffee.

Do we have exclusive policies for customers in a certain market?

In facts, instead of looking for many small partners and disrupting the market due to competition among partners, we will support and create the best conditions for our long term partners.

If you have a request on exclusive, please let us know and drop us an email.

What marketing tools can we support for you to enter your market?

We can support product, packaging images for you to do marketing. In addition, we may consider to support standees, T-shirts, and other tools when 2 parties need to promote marketing activities for the season.


Have a question about our products? Want to share your experience at one of our locations? Send us a message with your contact information, store location, and additional details, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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