Richy – Hoang Mai Continues To Register In The Top Of The Vietnamese Food And Confectionery Industry

In 2021, Hoang Mai Trading and Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Richy confectionery brand) continues to be in the top 10 prestigious companies in the Food – Beverage industry. The ranking position confirms the position and prestige in the market, as well as the stable development during the past 20 years of a pure Vietnamese brand.

3 consecutive years holding the top position in Vietnam.

Despite being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, during the first 10 months of 2021, Richy’s factory still achieved positive production and business results thanks to persistently implementing “Dual Goals”: Ensuring safety, effective epidemic prevention and control, in parallel with maintaining production to ensure supply and demand for the market. In the face of growth indicators and consumer preference, in 2021, Richy – Hoang Mai continues to be in the top 10 prestigious Food and Beverage companies in the confectionery industry. The ranking published by Vietnam Report is evaluated based on criteria of financial capacity, media reputation, survey of research subjects and stakeholders such as consumers, experts…

Besides, in the same year of 2021, Richy – Hoang Mai also put its name on the list of “Top 1 Products Voted By Consumers” by the Steering Committee of the campaign for Vietnamese people to give priority to using Vietnamese goods. – Organized by Hanoi city, with products of Jinju rice crackers and Karo fried chicken floss and egg fresh cake – a pioneer in the market. The award honors products chosen by consumers and leading the market in purchasing power despite the difficulties and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before that, the Top 10 Prestigious Food Companies in Vietnam ranking always has the name Richy – Hoang Mai since 2019. The enterprise also won many other prestigious awards: High-quality Vietnamese goods for many consecutive years, Top 100 Trusted – Used products…, and most especially, the honor of being recognized by the State for products as achieving Vietnam National Brands 2020.

The representative receiving the Top 10 title, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai – General Director of the Company shared: “This recognition is a great encouragement for the company’s employees and the Richy – Hoang Mai factory to continue to develop and overcome all difficulties in the coming time“.


The foundation for the success of Hoang Mai and the Richy brand is quality products combined with a modern, large scale system, and a long-term – sustainable development strategy. Starting from a small import and distribution business, in the past 20 years, Hoang Mai has transformed and grown to become a famous confectionery company in Vietnam and left a more or less impression on the international market with the Richy brand and a diverse portfolio of confectionery products. Skillfully combining modern technology of the advanced food industry in the world, with pure Vietnamese ingredients and user tastes, Richy – Hoang Mai has created a unique product, with its own characteristics, which is recognized by many customers and being loved by comsumers such as Jinju rice crackers, pioneering in the market of fresh egg cakes with Karo fried chicken floss and egg fresh cake, Peppie cakes …

According to Mr. Tran Sy Truc – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, with the motto “Convergence of quintessence – Reaching out to the world“, Richy – Hoang Mai team has always tries to bring quality and delicious products, not only serving 100 million Vietnamese consumers, but also targeting a market of 7 billion people on the worldwide. Hoang Mai’s path with the Richy brand is to conquer the international market, bring Vietnamese brands to par and compete with famous foreign brands.

Thanks to that, during 20 years of establishment and development, Richy – Hoang Mai has marked with prestigious awards & titles, proud achievements, contributing to affirming the trust of partners and customers.

In recent years, Richy – Hoang Mai has continuously developed, with growth increasing year by year and production output increasing by an average of 60%. Currently, Richy has a system of 3 large-scale centralized production factories, with modern machinery and lines meeting strict international standards: ISO22000:2018, GMP, HACCP and a wide distribution system in the whole country.

In parallel with domestic development activities, Richy – Hoang Mai also actively develops exports, cooperates and associates with international partners, gradually conquering the world market. Up to now, Richy – Hoang Mai and its products have been present in more than 30 countries and territories.

Promote internal resources, develop sustainably and focus on people

Talking about the Company’s production and business activities in 2021, Mr. Truc shared: “Not only trying to realize the dual goal of fighting the epidemic, stabilizing production and supplying goods to consumers, we also prioritize activities to contribute back to society, share difficulties, and support the community in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the outbreak of the epidemic, hundreds of thousands of products of Richy – Hoang Mai were rolled to the frontline points in the fight against the epidemic in many provinces/cities. Small but big, the convenient cakes have partly energized the medical team, medical staff amid the strained fight against the epidemic, and partly supported difficult people in quarantine areas and localities across the country.

At the same time, the enterprise’s Karo brand also contributed 3 billion VND to support the Government’s Covid-19 vaccine fund.

Putting people as the center, is the goal towards sustainable development, not only in promoting production, constantly creating and caring for each product served, but also being a companion with each citizen and put themselves in a situation to live together and develop together with the community and society. “The success of an individual or a group, will only sublimate when shared with the community. That’s how we motivate development and show gratitude“, representative Richy – Hoang Mai emphasized, affirmed, determine the path of sustainable development and the journey to conquer further way and higher sky.