Richy launches new Rice crackers with 3 flavors

Junju rice crackers include the rich flavor of grilled beef with pepper, pure milk nuggets, and sweet honey ganjang for the whole family.

Rice cracker is a familiar snack of both adults and children, the most popular tastes are traditional salty, sweet, cheese… With the desire to bring a variety of choices and unique flavors, through creativity and careful research. Richy launches Jinju rice cracker brand with 3 completely new and impressive flavors including: Grilled pepper beef flavor with a rich sun, pure milk nuggets, sweet honey Ganjang. In particular, each Jinju rice cake flavor also represents a different personality like each member of a family.

Jinju rice crackers with grilled pepper flavor has ingredients from carefully selected beef spices and fresh peppers for a spicy, soft, natural flavor, generous like a strong and steady father, are support for the whole family. JinJu honey Ganjang is nutritious, sweet and gentle like a mother’s love. The product is completely different from the honey rice Crackers on the market, thanks to the combination of sweet honey and Korean Ganjang soy sauce. Finally, Jinju rice cake with milk nuggets flavor comes from fragrant nuggets, sweet milk drops, bringing a sweet, crisp taste like a baby’s innocent smile.

Those little interesting things were fully expressed and conveyed in the images of TVC advertising the newly released Jinju rice cracker. With a joyful and exciting atmosphere, the impressive appearance of Jinju rice crackers on the small screen impressed a large number of Vietnamese consumers.

According to Richy’s representative, snacking or brunch, even though it’s delicious, needs to be in harmony with health benefits. Snacks need to have healthy ingredients so that the whole family can feel secure to use them without having worry, settling two needs in just one product, Richy’s Jinju rice Crackers ensure both “delicious” and “healthy” properties for the whole family.

Thanks to the ingredients of Japonica rice grains that are carefully selected, and delicious spices are produced by Korean technology with 3 zero standards: no cholesterol, no preservatives, no transfat. Rice Crackers Jinju is truly a healthy snack.

In particular, with a completely new production formula from a closed machinery process that keeps the natural nutrients from rice intact, combined with Korean baking style, Jinju rice crackers after “out of the oven” always meet the standards of spongy – crispy, giving a feeling of excitement when eating with fun and delicious “crunch” sounds.

Explaining for the name Jinju rice cake, Richy’s representative said “Jinju” means “pearl” in Korean. As a long-standing country with wet rice cultivation, in Vietnam, rice grains have long been considered the pearl of heaven and earth, a precious product imbued with the scent of heaven and earth, a symbol of Asia in general and of Vietnam in particular. From there, the name Jinju rice cake was born.