Richy Mooncakes – best choice of Vietnamese mooncakes for Mid-Autumn festival 2022.

Mooncake – the soul of Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 is coming soon. It is not only a big holiday in Vietnam but also a festival in other Asian countries. Currently, Mid-Autumn Festival is also a national holiday in Taiwan, Korea.

Particularly in Vietnam, this is the second Tet holiday. Children love it because they are often given toys like star lamp, a mask and especially mooncake.

Referring to the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is impossible not to mention the mooncake. It is the soul of this festival. And you can only buy mooncakes at this festival and not any other time of the year. Vietnamese often enjoy mooncakes with tea. This is the wonderful time they can gather together.

This is a type of sweet cakes that Vietnamese often use to treat their guests visiting on this occasion. Vietnamese mooncake is usually in round shape representing the fullness of the moon. However, it sometimes can be in square. The mooncakes’ filling can be in sweet or savoury flavour. It depends on the taste of each person.

The typical sweet fillings include sweet bean, lotus seed, or red date (jujube). It can be fillings encased in one or more salted duck eggs. Some traditional savoury fillings include ham, sausage, roast pork, and radish. In addition, some mooncakes are filled with a mixture of nuts and dried fruit or combined with a layer of dough made of cake flour.

After being baked, the mooncake has an attractive golden-brown colour. And its surface is usually moulded in flower shapes or in the word that refer for the name of the mooncake’s filling. Or sometimes in any cute shape and curious for the little ones.

The presence of mooncakes is an indispensable part in any house every Mid-Autumn occasion. Especially for the children. They are always eagerly looking forward to eating mooncakes and sharing with each other the mooncakes’ flavour they have. An eagerness so characteristic of every mid-autumn season.

Over the years, mooncakes have been grown, diversified in flavours and upgraded to more high-end ingredients. Some can be mentioned as raisin rum, lobster, salanganes nest, … Besides, snow-skinned mooncakes, cooled and made with a mochi-like dough are also a popular alternative to baked mooncakes. Another type of mooncake growing in popularity is the pastry mooncake, which has a thin layer of light sponge cake surrounding an egg yolk. Comes with new flavours, the packaging is also more advanced to make it suitable for high-end gifts.

bánh trung thu

Richy mooncakes – best selection for this Mid-Autumn festival

Baked mooncake with salty filling

The typical mooncakes with savoury fillings such as sausage mix, roast chicken with ham, five fillings, etc., along with cakes with 1 egg or 2 egg fillings. Diners will have the opportunity to enjoy variety mooncakes by Richy with attractive, wonderful taste.

  • Meat mix and salted egg mooncake.
  • Roasted chicken and char siu mooncake
  • Ham and roasted lobster mooncake
  • Five fillings with salted egg mooncake

Baked mooncake with sweet filling

This is a favourite mooncake for sweet enthusiasts. When enjoying, diners will feel the taste of the gentle sweet and delicious cakes. All are very perfect in both appearance, exterior design and taste inside. This will surely be an indispensable meaningful gift on this occasion.

  • Baked green bean and salted egg mooncake
  • Lotus puree and salted egg mooncake
  • Taro baked and salted egg mooncake
  • Grilled coconut mooncake

Richy high-class mooncakes – special meaningful gifts

In order to meet the demand of buying and gifting high-class mooncakes, Richy has launched very unique and quality mooncake sets, in which 4 or 6 cake sets are the most often chosen. Each set can be mixed with different types, creating a variety of flavours in the same set.

The mooncakes are highly appreciated by consumers. Not only possessing a delicious, attractive taste, it is also luxury and elegant designed which is suitable to use as gifts for family, partners, customers, friends, colleagues. All of them bring good meanings, becoming a bridge connecting the sincere feelings to the recipients.

Being one of the oldest brands specializing in Vietnam confectionery production, Richy well understands the taste of Vietnamese. We always strive to improve ourself to bring consumers the best quality products. Taking advantages of available agricultural products flavoured in the tropical monsoon land, combined with premium and unique ingredients, Richy enable diners the opportunity to enjoy the delicious, complete and wonderful flavours of mooncakes.