“a Review of a Korean using Richy Chocolate Oatmeal for the first time”

The Story Of A Korean Consumer “Addicted” To Eating Chocolate Oatmeal of Richy

Nutritious Oatmeal!!!

Yesterday, my wife gave me a bag of sweets telling me not to eat too much, saying eat once then think again and just eat. I also found out about it a while ago, and I told her that I couldn’t stop eating every single dish.

When I looked at the brand name to see what kind of candy it was, I knew it was nutrient-rich oatmeal, but I was also curious to see what was in such a small package as this candy bag.

First of all, I tried it first as it was unusually attractive because of the taste of a cookie the size of a fingernail and looked like a small pastry. The texture isn’t hard or crunchy, and it’s a bit mushy but Not crumble. The cake melts quickly when it comes in contact with saliva when chewing, not salty, not sweet like regular cookies but has a rich milky taste, creating a feeling of lightness. Can you tell it tastes like milk candy?

After eating one, I see why my wife keeps telling me to eat. The size is also small, so it’s okay to eat a few pieces, the calories are about 13kcal per piece is not as high as I thought, so I don’t have to eat much, probably close to 300 kcal.

If I open one and eat it, it quickly disappears and I find it again, that’s why my wife decided to eat it, so I guess she warned me to not eat to much it’s very easily “addicted”. Even now, I keep it next to my laptop and eat while writing, but I’m a bit worried that I’ll keep looking for nutrient-rich oatmeal then. This might be because that Oatmeal cupcakes are so popular these days, so you can see why…

Oatmeal refers to oats that have been roasted and then roughly crushed or flattened, or foods cooked with it, like porridge.

Compared to other grains, oats are rich in vitamin B1, protein, and fiber but are easily digested, so they are often used for breakfast in the United States and Europe.

Personally, I don’t know much about oats, don’t remember eating oat cereal, … but I think the main ingredient of mini-bite oatmeal is oatmeal and powdered milk, so it is good that I can digest how many I eat.

I see after receiving 1 small byte of 1kg oatmeal. What is this? I started thinking about it, and I was a little confused to see so many little bags of candy in there. I don’t know what it looks like or what it tastes like.

How much is 1kg? The price of 1kg of mini oatmeal is about 7,000 won. It can’t be said that this is an exotic cookie, but it boasts this special flavor.

A small 1kg piece of oatmeal is 5,116kcal and it comes packaged in 400 pieces, so if you take 2.5g per piece and 5.1kcal per 1g, each bag will come out about 13kcal.

Like I said, if you hold a handful, it will be about 20 and each small piece of oatmeal contains 13kcal, so it’s like eating a bowl of rice.

It has a rich milky taste, so it’s a bit greasy, but the main ingredient is crispy oats so it’s not full, the texture is pleasant and delicious.

At first, when my wife gave it to me, I had a harsh reaction, but then I was a little worried because I might not be able to control myself after I grab a handful and slowly eat it. Feeling a bit greasy but eating with beer is very good.

Even now, on one side of the desk, there are small bags of oatmeal piled up on one side of the desk. This is my first review of nutritious oatmeal.

The above story is excerpted from the review of a Korean customer using Richy Oatmilk for the first time at the blog: https://kinfosquare.tistory.com/83

Richy Chocolate Milk Oatmeal Bag 250g

Brand: Richy chocolate milk oatmeal cookies
Net Weight: 250g chocolate milk oatmeal cookies bag
Quantity per Carton: 250g x 20 bags
Carton Dimension (L*W*H): 475*255*375 mm
Net Weight/ Gross Weight: 5 / 6.25 Kg
Quantity per Container (20DC/40HC): 616 / 1,497 cartons
HS Code: 19059090
UPC Code: 8938506170489
Case UPC Code: updating..
Shelf Life: 12 months for oatmeal cookies biscuits
Certification: ISO 22000, HALAL, HACCP, FDA registered
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 cartons chocolate milk oatmeal cookies


Product Introduction: chocolate milk oatmeal

Chocolate milk oatmeal has long been known as a nutritious food with many nutrients that are good for health, based on the great benefits that oatmeal brings to human health. Some Vietnam confectionery manufacturers have been investing in research to launch confectionery products from Oatmeal. However, not all confectionery manufacturers in Vietnam are successful with that.

As one of the very few Vietnamese confectionery manufacturers successfully developing oatmeal cookies, Richy Food Vietnam, is so proud of Chocolate milk oatmeal cookies that have been well received by not only domestic but also oversea consumers. The proof for the success of chocolate milk oatmeal is  this product has become the trending product in Korea since 2019 until now with the warm welcome of millions of consumers.

The typical oatmeal cookie lines such as chocolate milk oatmeal, cheese oatmeal which is used as breakfast meal. They always let users enjoy the sweetness, crunchiness and natural flavor of oatmeal. Not only delicious, Richy Oatmeal Cookies also provide additional nutrients for the body, extremely good for health such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals… Among them, chocolate oatmeal is the leading product in terms of domestic consumption level and also as one of the main export products of the chocolate milk oatmeal cookie line from Richy. This is because of the delicate combination between the light aroma and the fatty taste from both chocolate and oatmeal which creates an extremely delicious product.

With a convenient bag design with the cute and compact chocolate milk oatmeal cookies, you can peel off Richy oat cookies to enjoy immediately. It is convenient to be a snack for both children and adults at any time.

Produced on modern lines with quality ingredients, Richy cookies always ensures food safety and hygiene and is an absolute safe choice for consumers.

Company Introduction

Founded in 2001, Richy Group is a leading corporation in Vietnam’s confectionery market, bringing the quality to our products, trusted and loved by millions of Vietnamese. Richy has 3 factories in Vietnam with 140,000 sqm in Hanoi and Tay Ninh to supply products for domestic and international markets. The factories meet the international standards (ISO 22000, HACCP, HALAL,..) with total more than 1,500 employees.

In the domestic market, we achieve success as most of the major supermarket chains in Vietnam distribute our products. And Vietnam National Airlines – Vietnam Airlines has also selected our products as fast meals for customers on their flights. Currently we have a wide chain of distributors throughout Vietnam. In 2020, we are also honored to achieve  Vietnam National Brand.

In overseas markets, we have some success in Southeast Asian markets as well. We have also gradually moved to some fastidious markets, such as Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Russia. With our efforts, our products have been distributed in these countries. Richy’s products are exporting to more than 30 countries, bringing Vietnamese confectionery all around the world.

At the moment, we are looking for strong and long term partners in Europe, America to distribute our products in these markets. Instead of looking for many small partners and disrupting the market due to competition among partners, we will support and create the best conditions for our long term partners.

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