top reputable Vietnamese confectionery company

Top Reputable Vietnamese Confectionery Company Named “Richy” Received 2020 National Brand Award

This is a meaningful reward for Richy – top reputable Vietnamese confectionery company – in bringing nutritional and quality products to domestic consumers and developing the country’s food industry, bringing Vietnamese confectionery reaches the world level.

Hoang Mai Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd – which owns the Richy confectionery brand is one of the 124 national enterprises to receive the title of “National Brand” in 2020. The announcement ceremony was held in Hanoi on last November 25, 2020.

top reputable Vietnamese confectionery company
Mr. Tran Sy Truc - Chairman of Richy - Hoang Mai received 2020 National Brand Award

Operating in confectionery field for the past 20 years, Richy has always invested in technology, providing quality, nutritious products that are suitable for domestic and international customers. Up to the present time, Richy’s products are available nationwide and exported to 30 countries around the world. In Vietnam, Richy is in the top reputable Vietnamese confectionery company.

top reputable Vietnamese confectionery company
Representative of Richy - Hoang Mai took a photo with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc during the evening meeting on November 25.

The journey to develop Vietnamese confectionery

Representative of the company, Mr. Tran Sy Truc shared: “The idea of ​​building our brands originated from the thought of investing in production to promote the strengths of the distribution system, coordinate and promote the national internal strength, bring the country’s confectionery quintessence to international reach.”

As an agricultural country with abundant raw materials for leading export in the world, young labor force, high consumption demand, an open market … Vietnam inherently has many strengths and advantages. The opportunity to develop the food industry is not inferior to other countries in the same region as Malaysia, Indonesia …

Taking advantage of and exploiting the existing conditions of the home country, Richy become a reputable Vietnamese confectionery company, compete with other brands on the world confectionery map.

top reputable Vietnamese confectionery company

During 10 years of operation, constantly improving and perfecting, there are hundreds of products with Richy confectionery brand produced, including more than 20 products trusted by consumers such as: Rice crackers; Butter waffles; Cookies; Oatmeal; Soft chocolate coated cakes (Peppie), Biscuits

Up to now, Richy has exported products to 30 countries, including those with the most strict regulations on quality such as Japan, Korea, USA …

The impressive development over the past few years has brought to Richy the collective consumer recognition through awards such as “High quality Vietnamese goods” voted by consumers for many years, “Top 1 Vietnamese products” loved by consumers in 2020, Top 10 most prestigious food companies in Vietnam from 2019 to 2020 …

top reputable Vietnamese confectionery company

National Brand 2020 – great driving force to step firmly on a new journey

“The National Brand award” is selected by the Government bringing great pride and great responsibility to Richy. Now, Richy’s products are more prestigious and more confident when fighting in the international market.

Carrying the national mission, being the Vietnamese ambassador to the world friends, we will have to make more efforts to ensure the quality with stricter criteria than before ”, said the representative of the enterprise.

In the current open economic context, trade barriers are increasingly narrowed, Richy’s market is a market of 7 billion people worldwide, not just a market of 100 million Vietnamese people.

Continuing to move forward in a new journey, Richy will constantly invest, research and develop new projects, produce products that are suitable to current consumer tastes, while ensuring the criteria for nutrition and quality.

In particular, Richy will promote its strengths at the present time in the fresh bakery industry to develop clean food chains on the basis of clean ingredients. The new journey that carries the mission of Richy’s National Brand will have many innovations and promises to reap much success.

The National Branding Program was approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 253/2003 / QD-TT dated November 25, 2003, which voted for enterprises based on the Quality values, Adaptiveness, Innovativeness, Pioneering capacity; thereby, contributing to building and promoting the image of Vietnam as a country with quality goods and services, building prestige and enhancing competitiveness for enterprises in domestic and international markets.